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Spring Baseball 2023


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West Marin Little League Spring 2023 Season

After concluding another successful Fall Ball season, we are now turning our attention to spring 2023.  We are excited to announce that Registration is Open for the Spring 2023 WMLL season!  Come be a part of the amazing baseball community we have created in San Anselmo, Fairfax and West Marin.  From our Opening Day Parade through downtown Fairfax, to our annual night games under the lights in Fairfax, Nicasio and Woodacre, you can count on WMLL to provide great baseball instruction and lots of fun!

Please mark the following dates on your calendar:

  • Our annual Winter Warm-Up event for Majors and Minors players is tentatively scheduled to take place on Monday, January 16th (tentatively at 2:00pm at AWHS).  We will hold a second Winter Warm-up for our Farm and T-Ball players, likely in early February.  
  • Assessments for Minors, Majors and Juniors players are scheduled for January 21st and 22nd  (time/location TBD).  We will send more specific details about the assessment schedule after the registration process is complete.  Please note that assessments for Minors, Majors and Juniors are mandatory.  To properly schedule assessment times, the deadline for registration for Minors, Majors, and Juniors is January 13th; any late registrations will be put on a waitlist after this date. 
  • Opening Day/Parade:  March 11th

Sign up now for the Spring 2023 season of WMLL and play baseball with your friends on the most beautiful ball fields in Marin County.  Please register now at www.westmarinlittleleague.com. 

Registration and League Details:

Come be a part of the rich tradition of Little League baseball in West Marin.  West Marin Little League ranges in age from 4 to 15 years old, from the T-ball to Juniors divisions.  Practices typically start in late February, and the season runs through early June.  All-Star play (for ages 10 and older) follows regular season play.  As we love to say: “The road to the Little League World Series starts in West Marin!”


WMLL offers the following divisions of play:

T-ball - $225 (Little League Ages 5-6)

This division is for all 5 year-olds, first-year 6 year-olds, and returning 6 year-olds wanting an additional year of basic instruction. T-ball introduces young players to team play and the rules of baseball.  We try to arrange teams by schools and consider player requests to play with friends.  T-ball includes one practice (usually at a RSVD school or local field) and one “game” per week.  Please note that League Age is determined as of August 31st for the particular calendar year.   Many current 4 year-olds are league-age 5 (based on August 31st, 2023) and eligible to play T-ball in spring 2023.

Entering Farm - $250 (Little League Ages 6-7)

The Entering Farm division is for 6 year-olds with one year of T-ball and 7 year-olds who would prefer to focus on more basic baseball fundamentals.  We try to arrange teams by schools and consider player requests to play with friends.  Entering Farm includes one practice (usually at a RSVD school or local field) and one “game” per week.

Returning Farm - $250 (Little League Ages 7-8)

The Returning Farm division is for 7 year-olds with some experience in T-ball and, possibly Farm, and most 8-year-olds.  We try to arrange teams by schools and consider player requests to play with friends.  Returning Farm includes one practice (usually at a RSVD school or local field) and one “game” per week.   If you believe your 8 year-old would benefit from playing the next division up (Minors AA), please sign up for Returning Farm as directed by the registration system and then come to the Minors assessment day in January.

Minors and Majors - $325 (Little League Ages 9-12)

Assessments:  All players between the ages of 9-12 will go through the Minors (AA & AAA) and Majors assessment process.  Assessments will be held on January 21 and 22 (time/location TBD).  WMLL will place players in the division that best suits his/her age and skill set and allows for an optimal playing experience.  Details and specific time slots (based on last name) for assessments will be forthcoming soon.

  • Minors AA is for highly-skilled 8 year-olds, most 9 year-olds, and some 10-year-olds who would benefit from additional instruction. Pitching machines are used to begin the season. Players will be taught proper pitching mechanics during practices; once the league determines that the level of pitching is proficient, player pitchers will be incorporated into games.  Please note that 8 year-olds wishing to be considered for AA must attend assessments.
  • Minors AAA is for advanced 9 year-olds, most 10 year-olds, and 11 year-olds who would benefit from additional instruction before Majors.  Little League Baseball rules are in effect.  Pitching is by opposing team players using a regulation, Little League-approved hardball.
  • Majors is for11 and 12 year-olds (and highly skilled 10-year-olds with approval, please refer to WMLL bylaws).  Final placement in a division will be based on assessments.  Little League Baseball rules are in effect.  Standings, championships, and All-Star tournament play are part of the program, with the possibility of advancing to the Little League World Series in Williamsport, PA.

50/70 - $100 (Little League Ages 12-13)

Majors players may also consider signing sign up for the 50/70 Intermediate baseball program.  50/70 is designed to complement participation in Majors.  50/70 players learn more advanced baseball strategy (taking leads, holding on runners, balks, and more).  Games will be played on a larger field (50’ mound and 70’ bases) to help players transition to the full-sized field used for Juniors and beyond. The schedule for 50/70 will not conflict with players’ Majors or Juniors games. Depending on registration numbers, there may be a separate assessment for the 50/70 division.  At this point, we do not know for certain whether WMLL will be having a 50/70 division in 2023.   It will depend on the specific game commitment required by our District and our registration numbers.   You will get a full refund if we do not have a 50/70 season.

Juniors - $350 (Little League Ages 13-15)

Our Juniors division is home to the 2017, 2018, 2021, 2022 District 3 All-Stars Champions, and the 2019 District 3 All-Stars Runner-Up.  Our Juniors division is by far the largest Juniors division in District 3, fielding five Juniors teams in spring 2022.  Juniors introduces a full-sized diamond, leading off, and base stealing. A regulation Senior League-approved hardball is used.  13 year-old Juniors players are also invited to participate in the 50/70 division.  League-age 15 year-olds who are not playing high school baseball are also eligible for Juniors.

Little League Age:  It is important to remember that your player’s Little League Age may be different than their actual birth age. League age for the spring 2023 season is determined by your player’s age as of August 31st of 2023. Check the Little Leage Age chart to determine league age:

2023 Spring Registration Fees and Scholarships:  Please note that the WMLL Board is very mindful of the costs of our program, and  WMLL registration fees are relatively low when compared to the rates charged by other Leagues in our District.   Registration fee scholarships/discounts are available for players in financial need.

Volunteers:  As a community-based, non-profit, 100 percent volunteer-operated league, we literally could not run this wonderful league without you.  Please do not hesitate to volunteer as a manager, coach or in any other capacity if you have an interest.  We welcome you!


Please direct any questions regarding this registration to: